Thursday, June 22, 2017


We have just received word that Kevin "Rashid" Johnson was picked up by Virginia officials and removed from Clements Unit. He is no longer being held by Texas Department of Criminal Justice. WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE HE IS OR WHERE HE IS BEING TAKEN.

Mr. Terry Glenn, Interstate Compact Supervisor
Virginia Department of Corrections
P.O. Box 26963
Richmond, VA 23261-6963
Phone: (804) 887-7866
Fax: (804) 674-3595

Office of the Virginia Attorney General
900 East Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (804) 786-2071

Call Script

I am calling on behalf of Kevin "Rashid" Johnson, Texas inmate number 1859887 Virginia inmate number 1007485. I am a friend of Mr. Johnson's, and am highly concerned for his well-being and safety. I understand that he was recently taken by Virginia Department of Corrections from Clements Unit in Amarillo, TX.

Where is he being taken? Is he being returned to Virginia where his family would be able to visit him?

I demand that Mr. Johnson be moved to Virginia, that ALL of his property, including ALL his legal materials and his typewriter, be given to him upon his new location, and that his transport be safe and humane.

For more information about Rashid, please go to 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

"A Marxist Theory From A Prisoners View"- Written by: Spencer Butler

“A Marxist Theory From A Prisoners View”
Written by: Spencer Butler

On page 399 of Marx’s Capital III he states “the justice of the transactions between the agents of productions rests on the fact that the transactions arise as natural consequences from the conditions of production… slavery on the basis of capitalist production is unjust.”
On pages 189 & 470 of Marx’s Capital I and pages 44 & 444 of Capital II he states “free wage labor is the “basis”, the “starting point”, the “fundamental constitution”, the “specific character” of the capitalist mode of production.
On page 217 of Marx’s Interpretation of History by M.M. Baber he states “eager for employment, the idle are in competition with those in the active wage army; and the longer the reserve, the greater the competition, consequently, those employed are compelled to over work and to submit to any terms dictated by the capitalist.  The over work deprives others of employment and swells the ranks of the reserve.  The bargaining power of labor has much to do with wages, but the reserve army has much to do with breaking this power!”
On pages 264 &265 of Marx’s Wealth of Nations II he states “the proletariat (worker, laborer) is plagued by the industrial reserve army by increasing misery and by ravages of ever deepening depression.  It is difficult to see how the masses so circumstanced can form a militant, intelligent unit.  In the eyes of an environmentalist, especially a race of degraded wage slaves is not a race of world builders.”
The capitalist slave drivers here use the free labor and reserve workforce that Marx mentions to cause strife and violence between the inmates in the prison system and therefor causes a wage war that is fought over an invisible dream of privileges and approvals.
Inmates in the Texas Prison System Wage War are divided between aggravatedly sentenced inmates and non-aggravatedly sentenced inmates.  Aggravatedly sentenced inmates qualify for parole after 25% of their sentences are completed while working for the Prison Industrial Complex
The prison system has enough of both inmates that they pit the non-aggravatedly sentenced inmates against the aggravatedly sentenced inmates with parole there for causing a wage war between inmates.  The wage being parole.
If an aggravatedly sentenced inmate refuses to work they are placed in administrative confinement/segregation for no less than six months and a non-aggravatedly sentenced inmate is then placed in the job position previously held by the aggravatedly sentenced inmate, It seems the non-aggravatedly sentenced inmates are the reserve of the wage army Marx mentioned.
As long as the non-aggravatedly sentenced inmates continue to fill the void of the reserve wage army and continue to fill the void of the reserve wage army and continue to make millions to support, uphold, and build the capitalist prison system, the wage wars between inmates will continue.

Thursday, June 1, 2017




Our friend Rashid is being retaliated against for his prison organizing. He had a shank planted on him (see here or a shorter synopsis for background) which was used as an excuse to take away his legal materials and typewriter. 

Please call the following numbers. You may use the script below.

William Clements Unit
(806) 381-7080 – ask to speak to the warden’s office or if unavailable to property
open 24/7

Region V Director
Phone: 806-296-4500 or FAX 806-296-4521
Ask for Captain Ramirez
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Ombudman’s office
Phone: (936) 437-4927
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m
Follow up by emailing:

Hi, my name is _____. I am calling to make a formal complaint on behalf of Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, inmate number 1859887. I am a friend of Mr. Johnson's. I am calling to request that his property, including his legal materials, books, and typewriter, be returned. I believe that being denied access to his legal materials impedes his ability to access legal redress.

I believe that planting a weapon on him and taking his materials is retaliatory for his work exposing wrongful prison deaths.  Regardless, legal materials do not pose a security threat to other inmates or correctional officers, and there is no legitimate security reason to keep him from having access to his books, writings, or typewriter.

I will be following up to make sure that his materials have been returned.

Thank you,

Your name

Follow up by writing. You can use the following letter as a template. Please mail to these addresses:

Mr. Harold Clarke
Virginia Department of Corrections
P.O. Box 26963
Richmond, VA 23261-6963

Mr. Terry Glenn, Interstate Compact Supervisor
Virginia Department of Corrections
P.O. Box 26963
Richmond, VA 23261-6963

Texas Department of Criminal Justice
P.O. Box 99
Huntsville, Texas 77342-0099

Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Region V Director's Office
304 W 6th St
Plainview TX 79072

Kevin Scott
Director of Administrative Review and Risk Management Division
PO Box 99
Huntsville, Texas 77342-0099

Warden Kevin Foley
Clements Unit
9601 Spur 591
Amarillo, TX 79107

Offender Access to Courts, Counsel, and Public Officials Department
Vickie Barrow, Program Manager
1060 Hwy 190 E.
Huntsville, TX 77340

Formal Complaint Re: Mr. Kevin Johnson, TDCJ #1859887

I write to make a formal complaint regarding the taking of the property of Mr. Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, TDCJ #1859887.  I am a friend of Mr. Johnson's, and I demand Mr. Johnson’s property, including his legal materials and typewriter be immediately returned to him.
There seem to be two misconceptions regarding Mr. Johnson’s denial of his property: his presence while the property was removed, and whether he was showing “active progression” regarding these causes, a requirement of him being able to keep this property as legal materials.
While in the holding cell and on audio/video recording, Mr. Johnson told prison staff that legal cases that TDCJ staff said were closed had actually been re-filed and that new cases he filed were related to those cases. He provided prison staff with a list of these legal cases/documents on two occasions—March 17 and March 28, 2017, listed here:
1.Johnson v Barrow, et al., cause # CL17001408-00 Richmond, Virginia Circuit Court;
2.Johnson v Virginian, et al., cause # CL17001407 Richmond, VA Circuit Court;
3.Johnson v Flowers, et al., cause # 2:17-cv-054-J U.S. District Court in Amarillo;
4.Johnson v. C. Peters, et al., cause #3:17-cv-00460-AA U.S. District Court of Oregon.
Mr. Johnson also reported to staff that he was researching in order to file a motion under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 60 (b) (4) in an inactive Oregon case, which has no time limit. The confiscation of Mr. Johnson’s legal materials on this research forced him to file his motion on April 14 (after his research materials were confiscated) without the benefit of any of his needed property.
On April 6th, 2017, Mr. Johnson’s property was removed from his cell, while he was held in a different cell. This is a violation of ATC-040 (Rev. 3), page 6 requiring “the offender’s participation” as “essential”, and “mandatory”: “The offender must articulate, justify and verify any questionable property being considered for subsequent storage and fully participate in the review process.”  Mr. Johnson was locked in a different holding cell as prison staff removed what they chose from his cell.
On April 7th, 2017, a disciplinary hearing was held on the (planted) weapons infraction. The hearing was presided over by captain Patricia Flowers, against whom Mr. Johnson has lawsuit #3 listed above, and Mr. Johnson still has grievances pending against her. His “guilt” – even though he has provided an affidavit from another prisoner who attests the ‘shank’ was his and planted in Mr. Johnson’s cell – was established without Mr. Johnson being able to call any witnesses forward or be present at the disciplinary “hearing”.  
Without his presence in the cell, how could the staff make the determination which causes were closed or “inactive”? They cannot say they read the many inches of legal documents because to do so they would have had to have written authorization from the warden stating they were searching for “written contraband,” which was not the basis of their confiscation and which has not been provided.
It is clear to me that the confiscation of Mr. Johnson’s personal property, including his legal materials, is a retaliatory action by prison staff due to the devastating exposure he has, through his research, writings, and lawsuits provided to the public of the illegal and torturous, cruel behavior of TDCJ staff and management.
What will you do to make this happen?