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Urgent Action: Rashid Johnson


Prisoner Name:
Kevin “Rashid” Johnson #158039
Florida Department of Corrections – Santa Rosa Correctional Institution


*Speaking up against brutalizing a mentally ill prisoner*

On May 21, 2018, Kevin Johnson was retaliated against for speaking up on
behalf of a mentally ill prisoner named Murphy who was being brutalized
by corrections officers at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution
(SRCI). As Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) officers were
gassing and assaulting Mr. Murphy for making too much noise, Mr. Johnson
raised his voice from inside his solitary confinement cell (in order to
be heard on the video and audio recorders on the cell block) and said
that prison guards had been abusing Murphy by failing to provide him
with needed mental health care, by withholding meals, and by responding
to his mental illness with violence by gassing him nine times and
brutally extracting him from his cell.

*Retaliation for speech*

For this act, Lt. Marcus Stokes told Johnson that he was going to be put
on “strip cell,” a punishment where everything in a prisoner’s cell is
removed, including toiletries and bedding, and he is left in solitary
confinement with nothing but his underwear. Stokes and three other
officers then gassed Mr. Johnson six times. After having been put in
handcuffs and taken to the showers to clean off the residue from the gas
attack, Mr. Johnson was brutally thrown down to the floor, while Lt.
Stokes repeatedly threatened to kill him and stated that he was “a
marked man.”

*Unconstitutional pretext for punishment*

As a pretext, Lt. Stokes wrote in his disciplinary report that Mr.
Johnson was punished because his property was “not properly stored” and
his “bedding was on the floor.” The practice of FDOC officers gassing
and then putting prisoners on “strip cell” for minor disciplinary
infractions, as a form of retaliation, or for no reason at all has been
well documented by news media and courts. According to one Miami Herald
report, previous instances of this kind of abuse caused FDOC to change
its policies so that prison guards may no longer gas prisoners and put
them on “strip cell” for improperly storing their property or not making
their beds. [1]

*Interference with access to legal counsel and courts*

On May 24th, Mr. Johnson’s time on “strip cell” was to have ended;
however, FDOC officials returned only one bag of his property, when
there should have been six bags of property. Missing property included
legal documents necessary to pursue litigation against FDOC officials
for numerous violations of his constitutional rights. By withholding
this property, FDOC officials were successful in denying Mr. Johnson the
ability to exchange legal documents with his attorney Melinda Patterson
during a legal visit on May 24th, thereby interfering with his right to
legal counsel and his right to access the courts.

*Reading and tampering with legally privileged mail*

A letter clearly identified as legal mail sent by attorney Melinda
Patterson to Mr. Johnson on January 22nd, while he was at Florida State
Prison, was received already opened and resealed with a pink glue stick.
On April 1st, legal mail sent by Mr. Johnson while at SRCI to attorney
Dustin McDaniel was opened, read by FDOC guards, and then resealed with
tape prior to delivering to the mailroom staff. Another letter sent by
Mr. Johnson on April 1st via privileged media mail to his editor Carole
Seligman was opened, read, and resealed by guards prior to delivering to
the mailroom staff. These letters were delayed and received 2 weeks
after the date they were submitted for mailing. Mailroom staff admitted
that these letters were tampered with, when responding to Mr. Johnson’s
grievances #119-1804-0722 and #119-1804-0723.

*Destroying legally privileged mail*

Legal mail sent by Mr. Johnson to attorney Dustin McDaniel on April 17th
was never received, is now missing, and was presumably destroyed by FDOC
officials. Letters sent by Mr. Johnson to his editor Carole Seligman on
April 5th, 16th, 17th, and 25th were never delivered and were presumably
destroyed by FDOC staff. Included in these mailings were three essays
for publication detailing abuses inside the FDOC.


- Return all confiscated property to Kevin Johnson #158039

- Stop the interference with Mr. Johnson’s legal and news media

- Stop retaliation against Mr. Johnson for exercising his First
Amendment rights

- Stop the repeated, cruel, arbitrary, and excessive punishment of Mr.

- Immediately transfer Mr. Johnson from Florida DOC to Virginia DOC


Walker Clemmons
Warden - Santa Rosa Correctional Institution
(850) 981-5199

Kenneth S. Steely
General Counsel – Florida Department of Corrections
(850) 717-3605

Patrick Finan
Security Operations – Interstate Corrections Compact Unit
(850) 717-3222

Lester Fernandez
Inspector General – Florida Department of Corrections
(850) 488-9265

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The Wheels of Injustice: He Spent 24 Years in Prison for Something He Didn’t Do – Here is the Evidence to Prove It

The Wheels of Injustice: He Spent 24 Years in Prison for Something he Didn’t Do – 
Here is the Evidence to Prove It

By Jason Renard Walker, Deputy Minister of Labor – NABPP

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, or however the saying go; which is how the District Attorney’s office in Dallas County, Dallas, Texas has been operating from the early 1990s up to today.

It’s highly possible that these same corrupt tactics have been used way before what I’m about to describe, but I choose to focus on the documented events I was able to witness and research. This includes an outright wrongful conviction campaign by D.A. Jason January, who tried to coax false statements from witnesses in a successful effort to frame a black man for murder, then suppressed every witness that told the truth.

Unlike traditional journalism on the wrongfully accused that is extremely wordy and filled with statistical rhetoric, this piece is designed to bring action and awareness to a corrupt judicial system in Texas and set someone free.

Timmy A. Dawson #681033, who is a native of Dallas and as of now resides at the Michael Unit maximum security prison in Tennessee Colony, Texas, is a victim of being wrongfully convicted. But in his case it was deliberate.

After spending over 24 years in prison, filing all sorts of appeals and writs to prove his innocence and having gained no ground towards his release, Dawson is forced to wake up to the day-to-day- fact that he may have to spend the rest of his life in prison for a murder he, witnesses, and facts say he didn’t commit.

Throughout his incarceration he’s had to deal with the burden of stress; high blood pressure; knee surgery; the death of his father, brother, two aunts, half sister, and stepmother; all on the back of being born with a bad heart.

He’s also had to deal with seeking a probate lawyer to help him reclaim the land, oil, and mineral rights his dad left him. This is in relation to his half sister and another associate forging Dawson’s name on documents in order to falsely obtain possession since neither were heirs. These are documented events!

Dawson rightfully feels that if the D.A.’s office wouldn’t have hidden witnesses and evidence, “I’d have been exonerated”.

On the night of December 4, 1993 in Dallas, several credible witnesses – namely Monica Kyles, Latrecia White and Gregory Paul – all state that they saw two dark skinned black men, one tall and one short (Dawson is light skinned), fire several shots at another black man, Curtis Lean Brown, before fleeing the scene on foot.

All three witnesses reported seeing the shooting from two different locations, with Kyles standing in her bedroom window, and White being near the John D’s night club with Paul, who says he was around 30 feet away from the shooting.

All three contest that they spoke with D.A. January during the trial, denying that Dawson was one of the shooters. “The D.A. never called me up on the witness stand because I told him I didn’t see a light complexion guy,” White wrote in her affidavit. “The man that was on trial was a very light complexion man and the two men shooting were very dark complexion. I was never called to the witness stand to testify,” Kyles stated in hers.

In an attempt to invent a motive for Dawson and give the state a theory, January claimed that the shooting was behind a dispute over a jacket (that didn’t contain Dawson’s DNA) at the John D’s night club that escalated after closing hours.

The only person and witness to testify, Cassandra Wilson, went along with the D.A.’s program and adopted the jacket theory. This is why she was called to testify and the other three witnesses hidden from the defense.

Contrary to the wheels of justice, January’s only goal was to find someone willing to finger Dawson as one of the shooters, with little regards to the overwhelming amount of contradicting evidence that he himself tried to manipulate – pure opportunism.

During an appeal hearing for a retrial that was denied, evidence supporting Dawson’s innocence mounted. As the cliché goes: the flood gates to hell opened.

On Feb 11, 2000 Leroy Griffen, an investigator for the public defenders office, provided an affidavit bearing witness to the following: “During Dawson’s trial, I overheard a black female, who was a state witness, say to another state witness that she was going to get up on the witness stand and lie about what she know of the murder. I don’t recall the female’s name, but I learned later from the attorney representing Mr. Dawson that only one black female testified. The black female who testified is the person who I overheard say that she was going to lie…”

Another woman, Michelle Woods, told Tim’s counsel Gracie Lewis that she heard Paul say, “It’s a shame that that man is going to the pen for something he didn’t do”. This prompted Lewis to investigate the claim which generated a snowball effect and spearheaded the suppressed witnesses into existence, who then provided sworn affidavits with no obligation other than to tell the truth.

Despite this exposure of mishandled witnesses, Dawson has received very small and limited amounts of legal assistance. Chris Scott, who was exonerated in 2009 for a murder he says he didn’t commit, briefly reached out to Dawson under the notion that he would help him get exonerated too.

This effort resulted in Dawson’s case getting a very general and undetailed mention in the mainstream publication Men’s Journal (March 2016 issue) that only noted his conviction being a result of bad lawyering, no evidence, etc. This did nothing to help further his progress or need of legal help.

This is mainly due to the fact that his current prison location, address, correctly spelled first name, and prison ID number weren’t listed, nor was there any proof that withheld witnesses got deliberately suppressed from testifying about what really happened. And that these witnesses eventually wrote affidavits expressing the same.

Dawson explained that as soon as the article was in print and the sensational rewards for the writer reaped, Scott (who only visited Dawson a few times) simply vanished when it became obvious that it would take more resources than a glory seeking styled article to net his release and possibly more. Not to mention that Scott never told him that the basis for their brief exchange was to compile anecdotal support for a mainstream article.

This may have played a part in Dawson’s lack of subsequent exposure and legal help, since by reading the article it seemed like Dawson had a network of support via Scott and the legal team he mentioned.

The same kind of help that Scott mentioned having trouble receiving is the very same help Dawson needs. But Dawson’s case isn’t unique at all, other prisoners throughout Texas, and many at the Michael Unit, are serving time under wrongful and questionable convictions.

This case in particular stands out because the conviction was singlehandedly a result of January’s effort in using his integrity and cunning skill to craft and manipulate the trial’s outcome. An effort I’m all too familiar with.

I was the victim of something similar in December 2000. But the D.A. on this burglary case, Brian Corrigan, was unsuccessful in manufacturing a conviction. This was with help from law enforcement.

During a pretrial hearing, the victim and only witness to the crime, Tonya Scroggins, testified that I wasn’t the person to commit the crime. She then pointed at the state’s witness and known informant, Ron Reed, who she accused of the burglary to the oohs and ahs of courtroom spectators.

Even though she refused to change her story, this didn’t persuade the Judge to dismiss the charge but only to launch a conviction campaign with the D.A. and my court-appointed attorney, John Hendrix’ help.

This resulted in me being strategically placed around informants in hope that I would admit guilt to the many prisoners who claimed that admittance is the first step to release. This carried on for over a year until a not guilty verdict was reached on December 12, 2001 (see cause no. F00-24176-PM).

This only validates how systemically manufactured evidence is used in the Dallas County D.A.’s office and probably within the Judge’s chamber and beyond; as one of the jailers who didn’t like me was mysteriously part of the jury pool and nearly made the cut.

In early 2002 the Dallas Morning News published a short article about dirty cop, Officer De La Paz, who was exposed for his role in arresting random people for cocaine, but the drugs turned out to be sheet rock he himself planted in the evidence room.

The initial field test deemed the drugs positive but follow up tests to pounds of seized cocaine De La Paz had a hand in turned out to be sheet rock. This called for dozens of drug related cases to be brought back to court and many cases dismissed.

The Dallas County D.A. and Sheriffs’ offices have a history of employing such bad apples where, after exposure, the story fed to the public is that it was the work of that individual who was fired (or resigned) and the problem solved.

In reality knowledge of and participation in these scandals streak throughout the department’s entire ranks and are behooved by judges signing faulty search warrants. And forensic experts who often mishandle DNA tests and other sensitive evidence.

This is why men and women like Dawson and their cases are kept out of the public eye and witnesses who know the truth are suppressed by the very same officials that have the official duty to seek justice for the victim of injustice.

If witnesses, evidence, and facts say Dawson is an innocent man, why is he still in prison after 24 years without the slightest hint on who to turn to for help?

As of today, the only help he has is any that comes as a result of the exposure of what the state of Texas has hid for nearly three decades – which is the truth!

Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win. All Power to the People

Jason Renard Walker 

Please check for Jason's current address by going to TDCJ's inmate locator website.
Jason is reporting being moved often and experiencing mail disruption (more information to follow).

Reprinted with permission from sfbayview:

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by Bobby Bostic
Growing up in the inner city ghetto of St. Louis Missouri did not allow our family to see many of nature's wonders. Our neighborhoods were full of vacant houses, broken down cars, drug dealers every which way you looked, gangbangers posted up and down the block, broken beer bottles loitering the sidewalks, yards with run down grass, streetlights that didn't work, etc. It was more like nature's curse rather than nature's gift.
There was, however an exception. Ironically it was right there in my own backyard. Yep, my mother had a small garden. When she first started this garden people looked at her like she was crazy. Her friends made comments such as: "girl what are you doing planting a garden in this dump", and Dee Dee do not waste your time because somebody will just steal your vegetables before you get them", "it will never work in this neighborhood, etc. Being the determined soul that she is, fortunately my mother ignored the critics. She wanted her garden and she got it. Me being the curious child that I was, I watched her every step of the way.
She went into the backyard and tilled the hard worn soil. First she would water it every day, then she purchased a hoe and started turning over the soil. Once she did this for awhile, she started planting the small seeds that she got from the local hardware store. There was seeds for tomatoes, greens, lettuce, cucumbers, etc. I looked at the little seed packs and started shaking them and wondering how could she possibly grow something from these seeds in these bags. My mother is a proud lady so she went out into her garden every day. She would put on her straw hat and be out in the blazing sun on her knees arranging the rows of the garden. She would spend hours out there while we were out front playing games. She would come in all sweaty to get a drink of water and then go back out there in her garden. People shook their head at her but my mother did not care.
When it rained outside she would just sit there staring out of the window at her garden. After the rainfall she would go back out there and adjust the soil. I never understood what she was doing. Nevertheless in a few months everything that she planted blossomed. Right there in the ghetto, surrounded by drive by shootings, drug deals, and extreme poverty my mother's garden got really big in our backyard. It took over 80 percent of the backyard. When you stepped back there all you could see was her garden. It was a beautiful sight. IN the backdrop of an alley littered with trash and cracked concrete stood her picturesque garden. It was many colors. The greens were growing everywhere. She had yellow flowers back there, cucumbers, lettuce sprouting everywhere, and other stuff that I do not know the name of. It sure looked good though. And it tasted even better. She would have certain days where we ate entire meals made entirely from what she cooked in her garden.
Lo and behold, those same neighbors who criticized her meager efforts started coming over asking her for some of the vegetables and other edibles that she was delicately growing. My mother never holds grudges and she was proud to share her fruits and vegetables with all of her neighbors. She would store a lot of what she grew in the house and give everything else away to her neighbors and her sisters. This became a sort of tradition for her. Despite how poor our family was, my mother would not allow poverty to define her. In our concrete city streets she created her own personal paradise. Despite all the negativity surrounded us her kids could go into this garden and find some refuge of peace. It was our own little corner of the world. We did not do any of the gardening but just walking through it we felt part of her garden. She had the rows all neatly spaced. She kept the dirt moist, etc.
I would sometimes see her out there in her lawn chair, oblivious to the world, just sitting there drinking some tea, straight chilling. Mama would have on some sandals and be so peaceful out there in her garden. She always created little small miracles. Right now to this day, 30 years later I wonder how did she do it? She always use to say that she be at peace in her garden. It was peaceful back there. She would sit in the garden with her own thoughts for hours. She couldn't afford a vacation or go on a trip. Instead, she would get away from it all while sitting right there in her garden in the very troubled chaotic ghetto slum that we lived in. Like the rose that grew from the concrete, she defied the odds and grew a garden in a place where nature does not traditionally bloom. By refusing to allow the walls of hell to close in her, my mother created her own paradise right there in ghetto by way of her lovely garden.

To learn more about Bobby’s story see:  and

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TDCJ Field Ministers help to usher in Dramatic “Culture Change” at the Eastham Unit! - Written by: Keith “Malik” Washington

TDCJ Field Ministers help to usher in Dramatic “Culture Change” at the Eastham Unit!
Written by: Keith “Malik” Washington

Peace and Blessings Sisters and Brothers!  It is your brother in Struggle, your solider for Change, Comrade Malik reporting in from the Texas Gulag.  April is here and with the new month we have Easter, Spring time, Reflections on the Past, and New Beginnings!  Last year around this time, prisoners at Eastham were falling out in droves suffering from “Toochie Attacks”.  Toochie or Tune is the street name or rather prison name for K-2 also known as synthetic marijuana.  Last year, this Unit was flooded with the drug and it created a horrible atmosphere of chaos and violence.  Prisoners were assaulting each other and Staff.  This created a hostile work environment and some officers lost their cool also.  Eastham was in need of a spiritual revival.
In Ad-Seg last year I was fighting for more humane conditions of confinement.  We had a Roach and Rodent infestation problem and our opportunities for outside recreation were limited to 2 or maybe 3 times a week.  I am glad to report that a lot has changed for the better here at Eastham Uni and I attribute it to a few things.  First, in Ad-Seg we have a new Warden.  Kenneth Hutto has a much different “management style” than the previous warden.  He is strict but fair and he does not tolerate an un-sanitary or un-healthy environment.  He seems to realize that human beings who live in small cells 23 to 2 hours a day, 365 days out of a year need adequate opportunities for outside recreation.  We’ve been getting 5 days a week!  The weather is starting to get nice so I will be going out regularly in order to shed these extra pounds I’ve picked up during winter.
One of the most welcome additions to Eastham are prisoners who attended and graduated from TDCJ’s Theological Seminary School which is at the Darrington Unit located in Rosharon, Texas.  The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary School (SWBTS) at Darrington is privately funded.  After completing 125 accredited hours in approximately four and a half years students received a Bachelor or Science Degree in Biological Studies and officially become “Field Ministers”.  Senator John Whitmire has been one of the biggest supporters and advocates for these “Field Ministers”.  In Theory they are supposed to go out into the General Population and Ad-Seg Units and act as an Extension of the TDCJ Chaplaincy Department.  I actually had the pleasure of meeting and becoming close friends with a couple of these college trained “Field Ministers” and I can tell you that these men are incredible Ambassadors for Positive Change!  Stanley Rucker and Melvin Aviva are just two of the “Field Ministers” I’ve grown to know and work with here at Eastham.
When brother Stanley discovered that a lot of prisoners in Ad-Seg were without Whirl-wind fans, he took the initiative to create a list and gave it to the Senior Warden here Billy Lewis.  Warden Lewis contacted the Property Officer here and on June 21, 2017 Ad-Seg prisoners got fans!!  Brother Melvin and Brother Stanley also helped me address some sanitation issues we were having here in Ad-Seg.  In General Population Melvin, Stanley and the other “Field Ministers” began to work on the HEARTS and MINDS of prisoners who were in the midst of addiction to K-2!!  Medium Custody prisoners were some of the most frequent victims of the so called “Toochie Attacks” so that is where Brother Stanley and Brother Melvin went to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the prisoners who needed it the most!!  And I am a MUSLIM and I LOVE AND RESPECT THESE SOLIDERS FOR CHRIST BECAUSE THEY HAVE INTEGRITY AND HONOR!!  And I was not the only one who noticed!  During Hurricane Harvey last September Eastham hosted hundreds of prisoners from the C.T. Terrell Unit.  They were housed in the Gym and in the Chapel area.  It was our “Field Ministers” who acted as servants and helpers to these prisoners/evacuees many who were elderly, disabled, and infirm.  In essence, our “Field Ministers” acted as Home Health Aids providing care and support for our guests!  So in theory, Senator Whitmire hoped that the “Field Ministers” could help deliver the Message of Christ but in PRACTICE these “Field Ministers” have done that and so much more!!
A “spirit” of peace and tranquility has descended upon the Eastham Unit.  There is co-operation between high ranking staff and the “Field Ministers”.  What I mean is that these “Field Ministers” have earned the respect of the Administration and thus they have been granted a lot of latitude to move about and interact with all security levels.  The “Field Ministers” are PROBLEM SOLVERS ACTUALLY ACTING AS A LIASON BETWEEN PRISONERS AND THE ADMINISTRATION.  I am so supportive of these men because they are a manifestation of qualitative and quantitative change in a system which has been stagnated in the “OLD WAYS” for years!  On top of that, I can teach more people how to fight for their rights when they aren’t angry and “high” on K-2!!  More later Comrades!! This is Comrade Malik signing off until next time!! All Power to the People!!!

Keith ‘Malik’ Washington is a co-founder and chief spokespersyn for the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement, a proud member of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee and he is the Deputy Chairman of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter). Malik has been instrumental in calling for the abolition of legalized slavery in Amerika and is very active in the Fight Toxic Prisons campaign. You can view his work at or you can write him directly at:
Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington
TDC #1487958
Eastham Unit
2665 Prison Rd. #1
Lovelady, Texas 75851

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Message from Comrade Malik (4/8/2018)

Peace & Blessings Sisters and Brothers!

For the past few months Leah and Azzurra of PAPS have been doing a lot to amplify my “Voice” and share some of my Journalism and Activist work with you.  In the past, I have received post-cards and letters of encouragement from some of y’all in the PAPS “Family” and I wanted to take this time to tell you how very much I appreciate your letters and cards as well as the moral support.  When corrupt and malicious Prison Administrators and TDJ employees think that a prisoner does not have any Free World support, they orchestrate coordinated campaigns to harass and retaliate against you.  Especially if you are involved in litigation or Humyn Rights Activism.  I do my best to live up to the expectations people have of me and for that reason I TELL THE TRUTH WHEN I REPORT ON CONDITIONS INSIDE THESE SLAVE KAMPS AND GULAGS.  The best example I can give you of that is my recent essay I did on the death of my friend Ben Larue.  I hope some of you were able to read it.  Maybe Leah will post the link for you?  The point I want to make is this:  Not all the employees of TDCJ are insensitive angry racist bigots.  A lot of these folks are caring humyn beings who have a job to do, and they try to treat us with dignity and respect.  I don’t agree with their choice in career paths but what if only the insensitive racist bigots worked for TDCJ?? With that said, prisoner rights advocates/Journalists like myself have a responsibility to be objective in our reporting, and YOU’RE THE CONCERNED CITIZEN AND ACTIVIST HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO CONFRONT THE TDCJ AND TEXAS LEGISLATORS WHEN WE TELL YOU WE’VE BEEN ABUSED, MISTREATED, OR HARMED FOR SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER!!
And that leads me to my Topic of Saving Lives and Retaliation.  Recently, my comrade and friend Jason Renard Walker wrote some folks in the “Free-World” concerning the Murder of a prisoner at Ramsey 1 Unit located in Rosharon, Texas.  For those of you who don’t know, Ramsey 1 has a special program for Ad-Seg (Solitary Confinement) prisoners who are transitioning back into General Population.  The first phase of the program you are given a cell by yourself, then after about 30 to 45 days you go to the next phase and placed in a cell with another humyn being a cell-mate or “celly”.  I is the Job of the TDCJ Classification Department to pair prisoners who are compatible.  I ca tell you from person experience that sometimes TDCJ drops the ball horribly and pairs people up who should have never been placed in the same cell together.  For added context let me tell you that the cells at Ramsey 1 are extremely small.  Ramsey 1 is one of the oldest prisons in the TDCJ system.
As I said, Jason Walker wrote some folks about the murder of a prisoner named Kenneth Johnson who was 57 years old, his celly Alfred Brosig was 48 years old and serving a life sentence for Capital Murder!  Keri Blakinger of the Houston Chronicle wrote about the incident and something that Keri wrote really stood out to me—Keri said: “Staff called 911 and paramedics tried saving the slain man, authorities said.  He still had a radio-cord wrapped around his neck, fellow prisoner Jason Renard Walker wrote”.
Sisters and Brothers I will say this; Every employee that was involved in that incident from the Senior Warden on down should be fired or replaced RIGHT NOW!!
I understand the dynamic of “preserving a crime scene” I get that, but how can you be committed to SAVING A LIFE WITH THE DAMN CORD STILL WRAPPED AROUND THE PRISONERS NECK!!??  Prisoner Lives Matter!  And then to add insult to injury Jason R. Walker was subjected to a “Campaign of Harassment” for engaging in “Protected Conduct”.  This actually is a pervasive and systemic problem inside TDCJ facilities and with a “wink and a nod” High Ranking Prison Officials like Regio 1 Director Tony O’Hare actually promote, sanction, and condone this type of behavior which actually is highly un-ethical and ILLGAL!! Yes, it is against the LAW!  That is why I have filed A FEDERAL LAWSUIT AGAINST TDCJ because the same thing happened to me and has happened to hundreds of prisoners who have dared to file a grievance, write an essay or article or file a Lawsuit.  TDCJ HAS A PROBLEM AND WITH YOUR HELP WE CAN FIX IT!  I LOVE YALL! MORE LATER… Stay tuned!!
In Solidarity 4 Life
Brother Malik