Monday, December 11, 2017

Contact TDCJ Ombudsman on behalf of Philippe Rivera!!!

We have received this report from Philippe Rivera from the Allred Unit and he has asked us to pass on his message below and requested that we ask people to contact the TDCJ Ombudsman on his behalf. 

I wrote up a complaint concerning either stolen or missing personal property of mines that got tooken away from me because I weren't allowed to have at time in possession due to level status.  It were suppose to be stored in Barry Telford Unit's Ad-Seg Property Room Department at time it got confiscated on Thursday October 20, 2016.  Yet, After being reassigned to another prison, all my personal property got transferred except for confiscated items that were suppose to be stored, items were: Radio-Clock with Headphones Clear Tech, Commissary Headphones and Coax Cable.  Thats it.  The security officer who took it and issue me confiscated notification paper is Mr. Baldelamar, C.

I've written several I-60 forms to all Property Room Departments from both prisons at James Allred Unit and Barry Telford Unit in an attempt to get this problem formally resolve but the officials all keep telling me "I'll check on it" or just give me excuses or run-arounds.  I've even filed a Step 1 and 2 grievance complaint in reference to this matter and both grievance responses were, in quote, stated:

Grievance #2017046542
"The investigation to this grievance is complete.  Your property came to the Allred Unit, and it was delivered to you on 12/7/16.  There is not any other property for you at the Allred Unit or at the Telford Unit.  No further action will be taken."

Grievance #2017046542
"Your Step 1 grievance investigation and response has been reviewed by this office and found to be appropriate and correct.  An investigation was conducted and found no evidence to substantiate your claims that you are missing property that was confiscated from you at the Telford Unit due to being an Ad-Seg level offender as you allege.  Be advised that having previously owned any item(s) of personal property is not evidence that you were in possession of that item(s) at the time your property was collected by staff.  No evidence is found that TDCJ is responsible for your alleged missing property.  No further action warranted."

Grievance #2017054557
"Information received from Property Officer J. Hughes reveals your property was shipped to your new unit of assignment on MST#1427312.  No further action warranted."

Grievance #2017054557
"A review of your Step 2 grievance was conducted and there is no evidence that shows TDCJ staff responsible for any alleged missing property.  No further action warranted."

Now I have the only copy of the confiscated notification sheet that were given to me by that security officer.  I showed it to the property room officers here in Allred Unit and they done nothing but told me that they check on it and have no control over replacements in case of stolen or loss of personal property of mines is they can not recover or locate it.  Even the high ranking security supervisors won't do nothing.  The Assistant Warden of this facility advised me that theres nothing they can do about it unless I have outside support to file complaints to the ombudsman department at Huntsville, Texas to report in behalf of me concerning thief of property.

Please contact the TDCJ Ombudsman by sending a letter requesting Philippe get his property returned!!!

TDCJ Ombudsman
P.O. Box 99
Hunstville, TX 77342-0099

You can also show support and solidarity by sending Philippe a letter or Holiday Card!



PAPS would like to introduce some inmates who have just joined our penpal program!

Joe Joe Bowen

Nicole Childress

Derrick Washington

Philippe Rivera


Friday, December 8, 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS by TDCJ at Allred Unit Ad-Seg! - written by: Vanessa Gibson

PAPS received a letter from Vanessa Gibson, a trans prisoner in Texas incarcerated at the Allred Unit.  She asked us to post this letter to our blog and also asked that people file complaints on her behalf!  Please help Vanessa by filing a 3rd Party complaint with TDCJ.  We will include information on how to do this at the bottom underneath Vanessa's letter.  If you have any further questions please contact us:

(512) 710-PAPS

Today the guards beat a friend of mine.  They ran the 5 man extraction team in on him.  When they knocked him to the ground they started punching him in his face, slamming his head on the concrete and one guard was intentionally and maliciously trying to pull his eyes out!

The guards on the Allred Unit, especially the ones that work in Ad-Seg have an extensive history of beating inmates, starving inmates, encouraging inmates to commit suicide and they recently pulled an
inmates eyeball out!

I know society thinks criminals are all bad people but do we deserve to be treated like this?  The guards intentionally create a conflict like writing us bogus cases, denying us our food, etc. so they can beat us and mistreat us!  I have witnessed guards tell prisoners- we love to run the team- it is fun to beat dumbass inmates!  The guards actually get a thrill out of running the team on us so they can beat the shit out of us!  Alot of times the guards that creates the problem
are the ones that will be on the team!  An they openly tell us:  Don't catch that pussy when we came!

The Rank allows the guards to mistreat us and regardless if we have proof that the guard was lying, etc.  The Rank will not have no understanding because that is his co-worker and TDCJ's motto is
"taking care of our own".

The abuse that is occurring on the unit is excessive force and it is being done for recreational purposes!

The following list is the type of abuse the guards are using to torture and terrify prisoners:

1.  When the team is used- Regardless if the inmate is resisting they
will punch, choke, try to break the inmates legs, arms, and fingers,
and intentionally slam the inmates head on the ground, and try to pull
the inmates eyes out.

2.  The Rank is praying inmates in their face with chemical agents
while they are in handcuffs, shackled, and on the ground.

3.  If an inmate is depressed or suicidal. guards tell them "the only
way I'm calling psych is if you cut or hang yourself" they do this so
they can spray the inmate.

4.  They are putting us in cells that is ice cold with no clothes,
blankets, etc.  So we will have to suffer,

5.  They are jacking us for our food

It is my profound hope that you will help us by filing complaints,
calling state representatives, etc.

The Rank has repeatedly threatened to cross me out and to Fuck me off if I don't stop filing complaints.  They have done crossed me out and denied me my blood pressure medication for 5 days and confiscated my few books and dictionaries to attempt to stop me from exposing their

As you know guards have already threatened to murder me, hope that I suffer and encouraged me to castrate myself!  What do they have to murder me or severely hurt me before any action is taken?!!

I know together we have the power to shut this abuse down!  Not only on the Allred Unit, but all over TDCJ!  It is documented that guards all over TDCJ are beating and torturing inmates.  When is enough enough!  I'm sick of watching this abuse!  It makes me cry and so mad to see the guards hurt my friends that are just fighting a corrupt and oppressive system that is designed to break us, to torture us and to murder us!

I won't lie to you I hate these pigs!

I hate the system so much it give me the strength and the courage to stand up and fight back and to tell the ones that want to hurt me- Fuck you! I'm not going to shut up and I don't care what you do!

But at the same time, I'm not a fool!  LOL!  Thats why I continuously ask for your support because really you are the only protection I have and it would mean a lot to me if you will help me help all the inmates on the Allred Unit!

Thank you!

Love, V

The person I mention here is:  Jamal Alexander 1655384

How to File 3rd Party Complaints with TDCJ

Family Member or Third Party Complaints

Complaints from third parties concerning medical services are investigated by the TDCJ Patient Liaison Program. The Patient Liaison Program is open to third party inquiries regarding health care for offenders. Staff in that office investigate and participate in the resolution of complaints, allegations and concerns about the health care of TDCJ offenders. Persons filing complaints with the Patient Liaison Program should be aware that medical confidentiality protections apply. In most cases involving an individual offender's health care, a valid Authorization for Release of Information must be obtained from the offender before details of an offender's health care can be shared.
Note: Due to patient confidentiality issues, e-mail inquiries and responses are not permitted.
Complaints may be addressed to the Patient Liaison Office by:
Mailing written correspondence to:
TDCJ Patient Liaison Program
Health Services Division
PO Box 99
Huntsville, TX 77340
Telephone inquiries to:
TDCJ Patient Liaison Office at (936) 437-4271


Monday, December 4, 2017

Bad Karma- written by: Comrade Malik

Bad Karma
By Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington

You were vested with authority in order to oversee and care for those whose lives had become a bust.
Instead of sustenance and care you traumatized, degrade, and dehumanized your charges, blatantly violating the public’s trust.
For years I observed you—patiently I waited behind the scenes.
You grew arrogant and cocky—puffed up with pride—thinking it was ok to mistreat society’s throw-aways and discarded humyn beings.
When the vulnerable cried out for Justice—you cleaned up the crime scenes and pretended as if the deaths were accidents, always claiming the Agency did no wrong.
We let you get away and as a result you became very confident that weak indigent prisoners could never overcome the strong.
But perceptions of the oppressors are just subjective feelings not always based on FACT.
Your crimes have caught up with you now and No Power in this world can ever Hold us Back!
Did you really believe you’d get away after hurting all these innocent people? No recompense, no pay back, totally scot-free??
Not so fast STATE of Texas I have something very special for the media and the public to see!!
What you dished out will be given back in dividends—10 times worse in the END.
My name is BAD Karma and I’m definitely not your friend.
Remember the elderly and disabled at Estelle you allowed them to be beat-I was there.
Remember when we asked Senator Whitmire to intervene—he said he didn’t CARE!
Remember when we asked if the water at Pack I was poison—you said it was ok.
Remember the suicides which were actually murders—you took our sons, brothers, husbands, fathers brutally away!
Well, all those things are catching up with you Gregg; are you ready, it is now Judgement Day.
I won’t announce when I’m coming bust surely I will Arrive.
I’m Bad Karma; isn’t Destiny Great don’t you feel blessed to be Alive?
Well it’s over—you’ve been found out—you most certainly did nothing great.
I’m Bad Karma, here to show the world what happens to Government officials who make a living sowing seeds of HATE!

This poem is dedicated to Benjamin LaRue, a mentally ill prisoner and friend of Malik who recently was found dead in his cell at the Eastham Ad-seg unit in Lovelady Texas

Suicide at Eastham Unit

 PAPS received this message from Malik Johnson regarding the suicide of his "next door neighbor" in Texas Department of Criminal Justice's Eastham Unit located in Lovelady, Texas.  We are asking for everyone to send a card and or letter to Malik to let him know our sympathy is with him during this difficult time.  We will post more information as it becomes available.
Greetings Everyone! I’m very sad to report that my next door neighbor Benjamin Larue AKA “Ben” committed suicide last night here at Eastham. Ben was a very young white male 24 or 25 years old. He only had a 3 year sentence!! And now he is gone. Needless to say, I am very upset because I saw the signs of depression and I failed to Act. He just had a visit yesterday!! I thought he was OK. I was wrong.
The officer on duty was not doing his security checks! I will be writing a detailed essay about this death. These people neglected Ben. They knew he was troubled (mentally ill). They ignored him!! No matter what T.D.C.J. says Ad-seg is still as form of solitary confinement and it is no place for anyone but especially for those who have been diagnosed with mental illness!!
Eastham Ad-seg unit is a Torture & Abuse camp! Although I may sound upset, I am strong and my resolve to expose and fight against abuse & injustice is strengthened.
His name was Benjamin LaRue and his life mattered!!

In Solidarity