Saturday, July 14, 2018


Received a call from Jason Walker today. He states that between 6 and 6:30 this morning, an incident occurred between him and SGT GILSTRAP and LT ESTRADA. 

The previous day, he had been told that there was an issue with the Security Threat Group mail room regarding an article that he had been sent by Victor Wallis. However, when Jason spoke to the mail room staff, he was told that the real issue was with the article he just put in the mail to Victor regarding heat strokes occurring at Telford Unit. Specifically, the issue was that the title included the words “Black Panther Party Prison Chapter”.  Jason pointed out these words have been in his outgoing mail without the Security Threat Group being concerned, but he was told that it was now an issue by the mail room staff. Jason removed those words, and put the article back in the mail to Victor Wallis.

This morning, GILSTRAP told Jason that Jason needed to go up front. Initially, Jason refused, but eventually he did. Gilstrap told Jason to “remember he was” and that Telford was a different unit than he was used to. Specifically, he told Jason that Jason needed to stop writing about issues regarding conditions. Gilstrap threatened Jason that if he did not stop speaking out, Gilstrap would issue Jason a write-up claiming that Jason had threatened to kill female correctional officers. Jason denied having done so, to which Gilstrap said it didn’t matter. When Jason asked to report this, Gilstrap told him that everyone is on the same side, and that reporting wouldn’t do him any good. Jason was handcuffed, and taken to LT ESTRADA, who told Jason that he better not see Jason pass by his office any more (which is both on the way to the chow hall and to the law library) or Jason could expect to have something done to him. This was all in the full view of the A-Block cameras, including the one near the laundry area and the two adjacent cameras. 

Jason is concerned for his safety and also that he may be framed as having threatened female correctional officers.

Please write Jason to show he has support:

Jason Renard Walker 
Telford Unit 
3899 TX-98
New Boston, TX 75570 

Will be updating this with a call-in campaign soon. 

[And yes, I did get this call while I was driving from one prison visit to the next. All in a day's work]

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