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CALL TO ACTION!!! National Prisoners Strike: Sept 9th, 2016

We will keep this page updated with current information.  The strike starts on Sept 9th, 2016.  Please keep reading to find out how you can support the Prisoner's efforts.  There are a variety of ways to help.  If there is any information you would like us to add to this page please email us at and we thank you for your support for the Strike!


Repression Response
One of the most important things outside supporters can do is respond to retaliation against prisoners. We need to shine a protecting light on their struggles, let prison staff know people are paying attention.

We need you to volunteer now! We are looking for people to commit to maintaining this pressure on an ongoing basis, and folks at IWOC have made it easy for you. If you would be willing to make calls every other day then please visit and bookmark this site: ( make the calls, and fill in the one-line form at the bottom so we can send friendly reminders if you don’t.

You can help bring attention to the strike by participating in an online tweetstorm that will last ALL DAY on Sept 9.  You can make up your own tweets or you can use tweets we have suggested.  For more information on the Tweetstorm visit our PASTEBIN HERE. 

Chalking and Distributing Pamphlets

*Printing out information to distribute or chalking important messages in public places helps bring attention to a cause.  Check out what Its Going Down in Denver has done!!

*Its Going Down also has links to printable pamphlets and e zines HERE. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page :)

Attend a Local Event

There are local events being planned for Sept 9th. If you can't find a local event consider planning one yourself.  We suggest doing a Solitary Confinement Demo If you are having an event and would like us to include it please email us at

*Buckeye, Arizona
 Bring signs, banners and drums to let these prisoners know they are not forgotten on the 45th anniversary of the Attica uprising.
This demonstration is in solidarity with the nationwide prisoner strike beginning on September 9 and is organized by the mother of a prisoner in this facility.

For more info contact:
(520) 393-3671

AZ weather during Sept is very hot. Come prepared. Water will be provided.
We will get together on Sept 7 for a planning meeting. Call or email for details.
Hosted by the EJ Mothers Safe Air Safe Water Force and the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons.

*Durham, North Carolina
 September 9th Durham Central Park 7:30pm

*Portland, Oregon
 Friday, September 9th: People across Portland and Northwest will converge in Downtown Portland in solidarity with the US wide prison work strike against prison slavery and white supremacy. Our goal is a mass showing of support with the growing prison rebellion in the US and to also march on the corporations in the Downtown area that make massive profits off of prisoner enslavement.
2PM: Teach-in at Chapman Square.
3PM: March to Prison Profiteers.
6PM: Reconvene at Champman for a Noise Demo @ the Justice Center (across the street from Chapman Square). This event has been organized by the September 9th coalition in Portland. Comprising the All African People’s Revolutionary Party, Black Lives Matter Portland, Portland Anarchist Black Cross, Enlace, Portland Prison Divestment Coalition, Black Rose Portland, PDX SURGE, Marilyn Buck Abolitionist Collective, Oregon Jericho, The Jericho Movement, Incarcerated Worker Organizing Committee, Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education, and American Friends Service Committee.Bring banners, signs, noise makers, friends, co-workers, neighbors, family members, and more! Gather at Chapmand Square (SW 4th and Main), 2pm. From there we will march to prison profiteers in Portland and end back at Chapman Square for a Noise Demonstration at the “Justice Center” where we will send our sounds of love and solidarity to all those trapped in the white supremacist state’s cages.

*Minneapolis, Minnesota
Noise demo at the youth jail!
8:00 PM on September 10th starting from Elliot Park in Minneapolis.
Starting on September 9th, prisoners will be going on strike across the U.S. To pull it off, this strike will require support from those of us on the outside as well.
Join us to send some love to everyone behind bars. Bring noisemakers, banners, and your friends.

*Oakland, California

Friday, September 9 at 6pm-10pm PDT

Mosswood Park Rec Center
Oakland IWOC and our friends are planning a mass action and march on Saturday, September 10th, but before hand we want to create a space where those new to the campaign can come and learn more about is happening, and everyone involved in the mobilization can work on making banners and signs.

Join us on Friday, September 9th at Mosswood Park (look for us by the amphitheater) for a BBQ, banner and sign making party, open discussion on the strike and the mobilization on the 10th, and also watch a film about the Attica Prison Uprising.

Oakland IWOC also stands in solidarity with our comrades organizing the Urban Shield protest in Pleasanton the same day as well as the FICPFM Conference. We encourage people to attend these other events and join us later in the day for the BBQ to report back and cross-pollinate.
 The primary FTP events will occur on Sept 10th at 10am in front of the Federal Correctional Complex (FCC) of Coleman, located at 846 NE 54th Terrace, Wildwood, Florida 34785.  This location is the largest prison factory in the entire country, producing material goods for government agencies nationwide. Much of the very furniture which accommodates the offices of the bureaucrats that we live under is made by prison slaves at this facility.

 Meet at the corner of Gratiot and St. Antoine, the proposed site for a new county jail with up to 2,000 beds -- meaning more space to send more people to prison, when instead we should be ensuring homes not jails.

Bring something to make tons of noise with: drums, whistles, pots & pans, airhorns, tambourines, music, noisemakers -- anything that's loud!

We'll walk from the site of the proposed new jail to the Old Wayne County Jail, handing out literature and making noise. Once there, we'll get extra amplified so those inside can hear us and know that they are not alone.

Please note: There's a Tigers game that night starting at 7:10 PM. Leave ample time for traffic and parking. Free parking is available in the parking lot at Old St. John's, 2120 Russell Street off Gratiot near Eastern Market.

This noise demo is just the beginning!

Potluck Picnic: No New Jails! No Old Jails!
Tuesday, September 13, Clark Park, 5-8 PM

Bring a dish to share, plus blankets and chairs if you want them. If you're already doing a prison solidarity/abolition project, please bring info; if you want to propose a new project or organizing effort, bring your idea to share.

Clark Park stage, Clark Street between Christiancy and the old YMCA, SW Detroit (rain: meet under the shelter between the stage and Scotten Street).

5:00 PM – Gather and eat
6:00 PM – Share ideas in a facilitated go-round
8:00 PM – Until we meet again!
Sept 9 at 7pm-10pm EDT
In front of MDC, on September ninth in solidarity with the #BX120 and the start of the national prisoner-led strike until all prisons fall! More information and co-sponsors TBA. Hit us up if you want to be involved, and for now SAVE THE DATE AND TIME
 Strike Against Police Terror (StrAPT) calls on prison abolitionists, community organizations, collectives, unions, workers and oppressed people to join solidarity actions for the National Prisoner's Strike on September 9th. The strike not only demands better conditions in prisons across the US and an end to prison slavery, it is also on the anniversary of the Attica prison rebellion.

Open meeting August 31st at 7pm at Cielo Studios 3201 Maple Avenue.
Meet near Men's Central Jail/Twin Towers (Between Vignes/Cesar Chavez & Vignes/Bauchet)

2 Corner Demonstrations
Teach-Ins & Workshops (Do you want to host a discussion or activity?)
Tabling & Poster Making
Food & Resource Share

3pm-6pm- RUSH HOUR- Speak Out, Rally, Noise Demo! Let the People Hear you!
Endorsements! Have your organization endorse the event! Come thru and bring your people!

 *Cincinnati, Ohio
September 9th: Hamilton County Justice Center, 11 am, bring signs supporting prisoners. Contact Sonny Williams for more info: 513 751-2090.
 Texas Prisoners are going on Strike! On September 9th, the anniversary of the Attica Uprising, prisoners are stopping work to shut down the system in a NATIONALLY COORDINATED STRIKE under the banner END PRISON SLAVERY. Texas Prisoners' demands include: humane living and working conditions, good time/work time , repeal of the 100 dollar medical co-pay, right to an attorney, and the formation of a TDCJ oversight committee. Lets us know if you would like to be involved!

Join us outside the Texas Correctional Industries South Austin Showroom to speak out in support of the start the strike! Products distributed by TCI are exclusively made by prison slave labor and include hospital beds, furniture, janitorial supplies, tires and more. We will be picketing and hosting a speak out in support of the prisoners' demands!

We are offering a rideshare from Monkeywrench Books in North Austin at 11 AM on September 9th.

If you cannot participate in person please call:
Austin TCI Showroom
Sept 9 from 8pm-12am at the Federal Correctional Institution
Bring anything that makes noise! guitars, pots+pans, megaphones, etc.!
This is going to be in solidarity with Maryland and Nationwide prisoners participating in the September 9th Prisoner Strike.
We will set up carpools for all involved :)
food + drink will also be provided, and noise making materials if you came empty handed!
Friday Sept 9 from 8pm-11pm EDT
N48th St & Aspen St

Other events near you:

Union Endorsements

Are you in another union other than the IWW? Get your local to endorse the prisoner strike. Sample motion language can be found at: 




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