Sunday, February 12, 2017

"This Too Shall Come to Pass" - Written by: Spencer Butler

Until recently I slaved for the Department of Criminal In-Justice Garment Factory, but due to a peaceful work stoppage, I was locked up in the SHU (Secure Housing Unit) and no longer work.

The TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice (in-Justice), makes no sense if you are of sound mind, but if you agree with slavery it makes perfect sense.

While in the Garment Factory everything from thermals to t-shirts are made and stamped with TCI (Texas Corporate Industries) which means made by inmates, for inmates.

These items, We, as inmates, slaved away making are placed in a Commissary Store and then are sold back to us.  For making these items and millions of dollars annually for the TCI we get no good time, a thank you, or even a discount on the items we make.  This my friend is Capitalism at its finest or slavery.  Whichever you prefer.

As the Slave Drivers used to crack the whip on the back of Slaves when they refused to work are slowed down, the Slave Drivers of today crack the whip of confinement, loss of privileges or a sentence of suffrage against us if we fail to comply with their demands.  Even if these demands violate our Constitutional Rights, We are still expected not to blink an eye but continue to slave away.  Who gives Them the right? No one, that's who!  And just like the racial slavery of the 1800's came to pass, prison slavery will also come to pass.  But only if we resist!

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